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Hello and welcome to Why Visit Barcelona!

My name is Claire Sturzaker and I adore Barcelona.  I’m the creator of Why Visit Barcelona, and I’m here to help you to plan your dream Barcelona trip!

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I first came to the city as part of my university studies, and spent a year here studying at the Universitat de Barcelona – although I admit I spent more time at a local bar and on the beach than I did in the classroom!

I decided to move back to Barcelona in 2013 after losing my job and having somewhat of a mid-life crisis. On a cold, wet October day in Manchester, England, I made up my mind & booked a one-way flight to Barcelona!

I gave myself 3 months to find somewhere to live and get a job, otherwise, I would head back home to England and find work there – but luckily I settled into life in Barcelona very quickly.  As well as working and making friends here I also started blogging about Barcelona on my first ever website, Tales of Barcelona.

However, after a few years, my itchy feet took me away from Barcelona, to South America.  I quit my job here and booked another one-way ticket – this time to Bolivia – and began a journey to discover South America and a life of travel.

Tales of Barcelona became Tales of a Backpacker and I began to write about my adventures, as well as tips, tricks and musings about life on the road.  Tales of a Backpacker is still going strong, but I missed my beloved Barcelona.

I visit often and spend as much time as I can here, so I wanted to share all of my insider tips to help you to enjoy Barcelona as much as I do.  Why Visit Barcelona was born, and I’m working to turn it into an essential resource for visiting Barcelona responsibly and sustainably, without sacrificing any fun!

If you want to visit Barcelona and have an amazing time – you are in the right place!  My name is Claire Sturzaker, and I adore Barcelona!  Why Visit Barcelona?  Because it’s the best city in the world!


Love Claire xx

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Come and explore Barcelona with me!


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