Accessible Barcelona

Barcelona is very welcoming to wheelchair users and in general, it is easy to enjoy the city both in terms of getting around in accessible transport and for the variety of accessible attractions in Barcelona. I am not an expert, so I have looked around for other guides to accessibility in Barcelona that will hopefully have the information you need.

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Barcelona Turisme Accessibility Guide

The city’s tourist board has a whole website dedicated to accessible tourism in Barcelona, called Barcelona Access.  It includes information on where to visit, how to get around Barcelona and adapted tours and other services to help you navigate the city and enjoy your time here.

They have resources for different requirements for example blind or visually impaired, deaf or hearing impaired, for wheelchair users or other walking aids, and for learning difficulties.

If you have any questions about specific requirements or getting the most up-to-date information this website is your best bet.  That said there are a few pages that haven’t been translated into English, but you can contact them for more details and assistance if needed.  Read More.

Curb Free with Cory Lee

I’m a huge fan of Cory’s travel blog, and his article about wheelchair accessible Barcelona shares his experience and tips about visiting Barcelona as a wheelchair user.  He covers some of the top accessible sights in Barcelona including La Sagrada Familia, La Pedrera and the Boqueria Market.  Read More.

Sage Travelling

John Sage’s website is known for being (in their words) European Disabled Travel Experts, and they have a useful guide to accessible travel in Barcelona as well as other articles including accessible hotels in Barcelona and disabled access to the beaches in Barcelona.  However, some information may be out of date as I now understand that the Montjuic Gondola cable cars are fully accessible.  Read More.

If you know of any other guides to accessible travel in Barcelona that will be useful please do send me an email or comment below and I will add it to the list!

Also, if you have any comments about accessibility on Why Visit Barcelona please get in touch, I am always working to improve the website for all users.

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