Aerobús: Barcelona Airport Bus

The Aerobús is a dedicated airport bus running an express service from Barcelona Airport to Barcelona city centre and back again, stopping at a few key destinations along the way before terminating at Plaça Catalunya.  The Barcelona airport bus is a cheap and convenient way to get to the city, so here is everything you need to know about the Barcelona Aerobús.

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How to Buy Aerobus Barcelona Tickets

You can buy tickets online on the official website here, from the ticket machines at the bus stops at the airport or in Plaça Catalunya, or from Aerobus staff at the airport or in Plaça Catalunya.

If you are arriving in Barcelona and buy a ticket from the airport, a return is cheaper than two singles.

If you want to board the Aerobus to the airport from any other stop apart from Plaça Catalunya you’ll need to buy your ticket before you board, either online or from another ticket machine at the airport or Plaça Catalunya.  Tickets are valid for 90 days from the date of purchase.

Be aware that the last time I tried to buy tickets on the website, it stalled and didn’t let me make a purchase, so I ended up buying a ticket from Aerobus staff at the airport.

GetYourGuide also sell single and return tickets here.  If you have booked other tours and activities through GetYourGuide it might be useful to have everything together in the app, otherwise it is cheaper to buy the bus tickets direct from Aerobus either online in advance or when you arrive in Barcelona.

Barcelona Aerobus - The Bus from Barcelona Airport to the City Centre
Barcelona Aerobus – The Bus from Barcelona Airport to the City Centre

How Much Does the Aerobus Cost?

A one-way ticket on the Aerobus costs 6,75 €, and a return ticket costs 11,65 € per person.

Children under 4 don’t need a ticket as they travel for free, but everyone else needs to have a valid ticket.

Tickets are valid for 90 days from the date of purchase, so you can buy tickets in advance if you want.  If you buy a return ticket, you will have 90 days to use the outbound portion of the ticket, and a further 90 days from the date of that trip to use the return portion of the ticket.

Combined Transport Tickets

You can also buy combination transport tickets for the Aerobus as follows:

One-way Metro/Bus + Aerobús for 7,90€

This ticket includes a one way Aerobús ticket and a single ticket for a public transport on the TMB network to get you from the bus stop to your accommodation or vice versa.  Airport T1 and Airport T2 stations are not included.

Hola Barcelona + Aerobús

Hola Barcelona travel cards allow you to take unlimited journeys on the Barcelona transport system for the duration of the validity period.

You can buy Hola Barcelona tickets for 48 hours, 72 hours, 96 hours or 120 hours, and the Hola Barcelona + Aerobús tickets include a return journey to and from the airport on the Aerobús.

These combination tickets are only available on the Aerobus Website, from ticket machines or Aerobus staff.

If you buy the combination tickets, you will need to exchange the voucher on your ticket for the travel card at a Barcelona Metro Station ticket machine.  At the ticket machines, select the “voucher” button, and then enter the 13-digit voucher code to obtain your card.

Choose your Barcelona Aerobus Ticket from the Machine Instructions
Choose your Barcelona Aerobus Ticket

Barcelona Aerobús Lines

There are two different lines for the Barcelona airport bus, one for each terminal.  Aerobús A1 goes to and from Terminal 1, and Aerobús A2 goes to and from Terminal 2.  Both buses start or end at Plaça Catalunya in the centre of Barcelona.

Aerobus Stops in Barcelona

The terminus for both A1 and A2 Aerobus lines is at Plaça Catalunya, but there are different stops along the route depending on whether you are taking the bus from the airport to Barcelona city centre or vice versa.

Occasionally there may be a change in stop location if there are large events taking place in Plaça Catalunya or somewhere along the route.  You can view live real-time information and timetables on the official Aerobus website here.

When you are on the bus there is a screen showing where the next stop is, as well as an audio announcement.  If it’s quiet you may need to press the stop button to signal to the driver where you want to get off.  When it is busy, the bus will stop at every bus stop anyway.

You can see a map of the Aerobus stops here:

Aeroport Terminal 1 – Barcelona

The A1 Aerobus from Barcelona Airport Terminal 1 picks up passengers from floor 0 of the arrivals area.  Once you’ve got your bags and passed through customs, follow the signs in the airport for the bus, and watch out for Aerobus signs.

The Aerobus stop at Terminal 1 is next to the terminal transfer bus so you can also follow those signs.  Before you reach the car rental area, there are signs for the bus to the left and right, where you go down a walkway (or in the lift) underneath the terminal building.

Signage Directing you to the Aerobus Stop at Terminal 1
Signage Directing you to the Aerobus Stop at Terminal 1

Here you will find the Aerobus A1 stop, with some ticket machines and usually a queue of people and/or a bus already at the stop.

When the A1 bus is coming from Barcelona to the airport, the Aerobus drops passengers off at the departures area before going to arrivals to collect everyone heading into the city.

Aeroport Terminal 2 – Barcelona

The A2 bus from Barcelona Airport collects and drops off passengers outside Terminal 2 B, then continues to Terminal 2 C to pick up.  The Aerobus leaves from directly outside the terminal.  Follow signs for the bus and Aerobus, and look out for the bright blue Aerobus buses.

Plaça d’Espanya

There are two different bus stops at Plaça d’Espanya; one for pick-ups for buses going to the airport and one for drop-offs coming from the airport.

The pick-up stop is on the Plaça d’Espanya roundabout, where Carrer de la Creu Coberta meets the roundabout (see the exact location on Google Maps here).

The drop-off stop coming from the Airport is on Gran Via, just before the roundabout here.

Plaça Catalunya

The Aerobus bus stop at Plaça Catalunya is outside El Corte Inglés (the big department store) on the street between the store and the square. The  A1 bus stop for Terminal 1 is at the front, and the A2 bus stop for Terminal 2 is just behind it.

Both bus stops are clearly signed and there is usually a member of staff around to help, at least during the day.  If there is no staff around and no buses waiting then you will see the Aerobus ticket machines to confirm you are in the right place!  You can also check the exact bus stop location here on Google Maps.

blue Barcelona Aerobus Ticket Machines at Placa Catalunya
Barcelona Aerobus Ticket Machines at Placa Catalunya

Aerobus Schedule and Operating Hours

The Aerobus in Barcelona runs 24 hours a day, every day including holidays and weekends.  The frequency of buses varies between every 5 minutes at peak times to every 20 minutes during quieter periods like early morning.  At peak times, as soon as a bus is full it departs, and another appears to take its place.

The frequency of both A1 and A2 buses to and from the airport according to the Aerobus schedule is as follows:

  • From 05:00 am to 06:40 am every 20 minutes
  • From 06:40 am to 09:55 pm every 5 minutes
  • From 09:55 pm to 12:35 am every 10 minutes
  • From 12:35 am to 05:00 am every 20 minutes

The journey to and from the airport takes around 30-35 minutes each way, depending on the time of day and traffic en route.

If you are taking the bus from Barcelona to the airport to catch a flight, make sure you leave plenty of time to take into account any possible delays.

The Aerobus stop at Terminal 1 of Barcelona El Prat Airport
The Aerobus stop at Terminal 1 of Barcelona El Prat Airport

Aerobus Buses

The Aerobus buses themselves are a bright blue colour so they are easy to spot.  They are all single-decker buses and have seating and a large area on the bus to store luggage.

All buses are accessible, with a ramp available for people with reduced mobility, as well as space for wheelchairs, buggies, bicycles and large luggage.  There are visual and audio announcements for the next stops.

Most of the buses are hybrid, with some being fully electric.  They all have free wifi, and USB charging points at each seat if you need to charge your phone.

There are no toilets on the bus, so go before you leave the airport or your accommodation just in case!

Pets are allowed on board if they are in a suitable transport carrier – only one animal is permitted per ticket.  Assistance dogs are allowed on the buses as well.

Landmarks and Places of Interest on the Barcelona Aerobus Route

The route from the airport to the city of Barcelona is quite dull until you get into the city itself.  It is a straightforward route, and fast – assuming that there is no traffic.

Once in the city, the first main landmark in Barcelona to look out for is Plaça d’Espanya, a large roundabout with an impressive fountain in the centre, surrounded by architectural wonders, including the Venetian Towers on the right side, the impressive National Art Museum of Catalonia (MNAC) beyond.

On the left-hand side, watch out for the Arenas de Barcelona shopping centre, which was a bullring between 1900 and 1977.

The roundabout at Placa dEspanya with Las Arenas behind it
The roundabout at Placa dEspanya with Las Arenas behind it

From here, the Aerobus will then take you down Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, a bustling avenue lined with shops and restaurants.  Some of the art nouveau-style buildings are impressive, while others are less so, but it is interesting to see the mix of architecture as you get closer to the centre of Barcelona.

At Plaça Universitat, look to your left to see the beautiful University of Barcelona which was established in 1450, making it one of the oldest universities in both Catalonia and Spain.

Then, you will head to Plaça Catalunya which is the last stop.  No doubt you will be back here again, and if you have luggage with you it’s best to head straight to your accommodation so you can enjoy it without being weighed down – and reduce the risk of being pickpocketed!

There is a taxi rank right next to the bus stop so you can jump in a cab, walk or take the metro to your accommodation from here.

Pros and Cons of Using the Aerobus

Overall the Barcelona Aerobus is a quick and convenient way to get to and from Barcelona airport to the city centre.

  • It is a dedicated express service, with just a few stops so it is much quicker than regular public buses and the metro service.
  • The service is frequent and direct to the city centre and runs 24 hours a day.
  • It is great value and very useful for accommodation close to Plaça Espanya and Plaça Catalunya


  • If you are not staying close to the bus stops you may need to walk or take another form of transport like a taxi or the metro to get to your accommodation.
  • It costs more than the train but for solo travellers and couples is still cheap compared to a taxi or transfer service.
  • If you are travelling as a family or group it may be more convenient and not much more expensive to get a taxi or transfer direct to your accommodation.

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Some Aerobus FAQ

How much does the Aerobus ticket cost?

The standard one-way ticket for the Aerobus is typically around €5.90. There are also round-trip options available at a slightly discounted rate.

How frequently does the Aerobus run?

The Aerobus operates frequently, with departures every 5 to 10 minutes during peak hours and every 20 minutes during off-peak times. It runs 24 hours a day, every day.

Where can I purchase Aerobus tickets?

You can purchase tickets from vending machines at the airport bus stop, directly from the bus driver or other Aerobus staff, and from the Aerobus website. You can also buy tickets on GetYourGuide which are slightly more expensive.

How long does the Aerobus journey take to reach the city centre?

The journey time can vary depending on traffic conditions, but it typically takes between 30 to 35 minutes to reach the city centre from Barcelona Airport.

Are there luggage storage facilities on the Aerobus?

There is ample space for luggage on the bus, although I recommend you keep your valuables with you during the journey.

Can I use public transportation cards on the Aerobus?

No, you can’t use the standard public transport tickets on the bus.  Some discount travel cards do include Aerobus tickets or you can add them for a supplement but check before you buy.

Is the Aerobus wheelchair accessible?

Yes, the Aerobus is accessible for passengers with reduced mobility. It has ramps and designated spaces for wheelchairs.  There are visual and audio announcements for the next stops.

Are there discounts for children, seniors, or students?

Children under 4 go free, everyone else will need a standard ticket.

Do I need to book my Aerobus ticket in advance?

It’s not necessary to book your Aerobus ticket in advance unless you prefer the convenience of having your ticket ready when you arrive. Tickets are readily available at the airport.