10 of the Best Beach Hotels in Barcelona

Aerial View of Barcelona Beach with the Arts Hotel at Vila Olimpica - Best Barcelona Beach Hotels

Barcelona is famous for its beautiful beaches (among other things of course), so while you are in the Catalan capital, why not take advantage and stay at one of the beautiful beach hotels in Barcelona?  We’ve picked out our favourite Barcelona beach hotels for you to choose from, including Barcelona hotels with a sea view […]

How to be a Responsible Tourist in Barcelona (and Have a Better Trip!)

The Arc de Triomf in Barcelona Spain - How to Be a Responsible Tourist in Barcelona

Barcelona is an incredible city, my favourite in Europe in fact, but it became a victim of its own popularity and before the pandemic, it was suffering the effects of over-tourism.  That has changed over the last couple of years of course, but as we visitors return to Barcelona it is important that we do […]

What are the Castellers de Catalunya – Human Towers in Spain

Castellers Performing in Barcelona - Building Human Towers Catalonia is Famous For

Castells are the most impressive and fun to watch of the Catalan traditions I’ve come across.  Every festival and event creates a fantastic excuse for these teams of hardy locals to get together and create incredible human towers. Made up from teams spanning all ages and sizes, the towers are created from a strong base, […]

What to Eat in Barcelona – 5 Catalan Dishes You Must Try

Black Rice - What to Eat in Barcelona Food Guide

Feeling hungry in Barcelona?  You’re in luck!  There is some incredible food in Barcelona, but sometimes you have to know where to find it.  So, this Barcelona food guide has some of the tastiest traditional Catalan dishes you MUST try in Barcelona. Pa amb Tomàquet – Bread with Tomato One of the most commonly eaten […]

Barcelona Hostel Jobs

A Bright Clean Hostel Dorm - Barcelona Hostel Jobs Cover Photo

Hostels in Barcelona are always looking for staff, from full-time employees to part-time volunteers.  If you’re looking for hostel jobs in Barcelona you’re in the right place!  I’ll help you find work in some of the best Barcelona hostels, whether you live here and need a job, or if you want a way to travel […]