Why Visit Barcelona in March

Planning a trip to Barcelona this March?  Barcelona is a great choice for a March vacation.  In this post, I’ll share just why you should visit Barcelona in March, what to expect from March weather in Barcelona, what to wear, where to stay and the best things to do in Barcelona in March, as well as everything else you might need to enjoy your Barcelona trip!

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Is March a good time to visit Barcelona?

March can be a great time to visit Barcelona, during the transition from winter to spring. The weather during this period is generally mild, with daytime temperatures ranging from 10 to 18 degrees Celsius (50 to 64 degrees Fahrenheit). While it might not be as warm as the summer months, the pleasant temperatures make it comfortable to explore the city.

One big advantage of visiting Barcelona in March is the lower number of tourists compared to the peak summer season. This means that popular attractions and landmarks are likely to be less crowded, allowing for a more relaxed and enjoyable experience.

Additionally, with fewer visitors, you may find that accommodation prices are more reasonable, which is very useful if you are visiting Barcelona on a budget.

March marks the beginning of spring, bringing a touch of greenery and early blooming flowers to the city. However, it’s worth noting that while the days are generally mild, evenings can still be a bit chilly, so packing layers is advisable.

March is also a great time to discover the area around Barcelona too, and the region of Catalonia has much more to offer than just the city itself.  You can take day trips from Barcelona to Andorra where you may still see some snow in early March, or to visit the popular destinations of Montserrat, Girona and Sitges.

You could also take a trip to Cava country for a wine tour in the Penedes Region or explore any number of smaller Catalan towns and villages near Barcelona.  It’s too early to make the most of the beaches on the Costa Brava, but they’re still beautiful to look at even if you can’t sunbathe!

Know Before You Go to Barcelona

Before travelling to Barcelona, make sure you book accommodation and popular attractions ASAP as hotels and tickets can sell out.


$$: Sercotel Hotel Rosellon - stunning view of the Sagrada Familia from some rooms and the terrace

$$: H10 Madison 4* Sup - top location with rooftop pool & view of the Gothic Cathedral

$: Chic & Basic Lemon Boutique Hotel - great value hotel near Plaça Catalunya


1: Park Guell Admission Ticket - colourful mosaic terraces and gorgeous views

2: Sagrada Familia Skip the Line Ticket - a must-see in Barcelona!

3: Casa Batlló Entry with Self-Audioguide Tour - stunning Modernist Building & rooftop terrace


Although Barcelona is a safe city, pickpockets are a problem here, particularly in popular tourist areas and on the metro.  Use a theft-proof backpack and consider getting some hidden-pocket clothing to keep your belongings safe.

Find Deals to Book Your Trip

La Pedrera in Barcelona - Why Visit Barcelona in March
La Pedrera in Barcelona – Why Visit Barcelona in March

Pros & Cons of Visiting Barcelona in March

Pros of a March Barcelona Trip

Milder Weather: March marks the beginning of spring in Barcelona. While the weather can still be a bit unpredictable, the average high temperatures typically range from 14-17°C (57-63°F). It’s a pleasant time for outdoor activities, and you’ll likely experience more sunshine compared to the winter months.

Fewer Tourists: March is not a peak tourist season in Barcelona, so you can expect fewer crowds at major attractions. This allows for a more relaxed and enjoyable visit to popular places like Park Güell, the Gothic Quarter, and La Sagrada Familia.

Lower Prices: Accommodation and flights are often more affordable in March compared to the summer months. You can find good deals on hotels and enjoy Barcelona on a budget.

Spring Festivals: Barcelona hosts various festivals and events in March, including the Sant Medir Festival, which features colourful parades and sweets thrown into the crowds. It adds a festive touch to your visit.

Blossoming Gardens: In March, you can witness the city’s gardens and parks coming to life with beautiful early spring blossoms, so take some time to explore and enjoy the nature in the city.

Cons of Visiting Barcelona in March

Variable Weather: While March brings milder weather compared to winter, it can still be a bit unpredictable, with occasional rainfall and cooler evenings. Be prepared for changeable weather conditions and pack accordingly.

Shorter Daylight Hours: March sees increasing daylight hours compared to winter but is still relatively short, with sunset around 7pm. Plan your activities accordingly to make the most of the daylight and check closing times of outdoor attractions.

Cooler Beach Weather: The sea temperature is still relatively cold in March, so swimming at the beach won’t be very enjoyable.  I still love taking a walk along the seafront though!

Crowds During Festivals: While overall crowds are lighter compared to the summer, certain events and festivals can attract more visitors. For example, during the Sant Medir Festival, certain areas may be busier.

Overall, visiting Barcelona in March can be a great choice if you prefer milder weather compared to the winter months, and fewer crowds and more budget-friendly options compared to the summer.  However, be prepared for variable weather conditions, including occasional rain, and shorter daylight hours than early summer.

Parc de la Ciutadella at Sunset
Parc de la Ciutadella at Sunset

Weather in Barcelona in March

In March, Barcelona experiences the transition from winter to spring, bringing about mild and gradually warming weather. While it certainly isn’t as hot as the summer months, March marks the beginning of more comfortable temperatures.

Daytime highs typically range from 10 to 18 degrees Celsius (50 to 64 degrees Fahrenheit), providing a pleasant environment for outdoor activities and exploration.  On average, Barcelona receives about 40-50 millimeters (1.6-2 inches) of precipitation in March. This is usually spread across several days, and rain showers can be intermittent.

As spring progresses, the days become longer, allowing you to make the most of their your exploring the city. However, it’s essential to keep in mind that evenings can still be relatively cool, so pack accordingly.

It is getting harder to predict the weather in Barcelona, as climate and conditions are changing from year to year, so be sure to check the weather forecast for Barcelona before you pack your bags!

What to Wear in Barcelona in March

Here are some tips for what to bring and what to wear in Barcelona in March, or you can check out my full Barcelona packing list here:

Layers of Clothing

Bring clothing that can be layered, such as T-shirts, long-sleeved shirts, and a light jacket. Layering allows you to adjust your outfit according to the temperature fluctuations throughout the day.

You might need a scarf and a hat for colder nights, and waterproof jacket is a good idea for the occasional rainy days, or at least a decent umbrella!  I love my Travel Scarf with a hidden pocket, perfect for keeping valuables out of reach of pickpockets and keeping me warm.


Don’t forget to bring a swimsuit, either for a swim in your hotel pool or to treat yourself to a spa session.  You probably won’t need it for swimming in the sea but it doesn’t hurt to bring it!

Sun Protection

While it’s not summer, the sun can still be strong in Barcelona, so pack items to protect your skin from the sun including sunglasses and eco-friendly sunscreen with a high SPF.

Comfortable Footwear

Barcelona is a city that involves a lot of walking, so pack comfortable shoes like lightweight sneakers and a pair of flat-heeled shoes or boots for evenings out. Make sure they are suitable for walking on uneven surfaces like cobblestones, and that they’ll keep your feet dry if it rains.

Unless you plan on going out to very fancy places, high-heeled shoes aren’t necessary, a simple pair of boots (with a heel or flat) will be enough for most restaurants and bars.  In general, Barcelona is quite a casual city, at least in my experience!

Travel Essentials

Don’t forget essential travel essentials like a theft-proof backpack for carrying your belongings, a reusable water bottle to stay hydrated and reduce plastic waste, a portable power bank and a universal adapter to charge your electronic devices.

Travel Documents

Remember to bring your passport, travel insurance, identification, and any other necessary documents. Additionally, have a copy of your hotel reservations, emergency contact numbers, and a map or guidebook for navigating the city.

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Park Guell Stairs - Things to do in Barcelona in March
Park Guell Stairs – Things to do in Barcelona in March

Top Travel Tips for Visiting Barcelona in March

  • Check the weather forecast before you travel so you have a better idea of what the weather in Barcelona will be like. Pack layers and prepare for the chance of rain.
  • Make sure you protect yourself from the sun which can still burn, even in March.
  • Bring a refillable water bottle with a filter to drink tap water and top up at water fountains around the city.
  • If the weather is poor, make the most of indoor attractions and museums in Barcelona to keep dry.
  • Book in advance for the top attractions as even in quieter periods entry tickets can still sell out.

What to do in Barcelona in March

Visiting Barcelona in March means that you can pretty much do anything you would do at any other time of the year, without the oppressive heat of the summer and hopefully without the cold of winter.  Plus it should be relatively quiet unless there are big festivals happening.

Book in Advance for Barcelona’s Top Attractions

While March isn’t as busy as the peak periods over the summer, I would still recommend booking tickets for the top Barcelona attractions in advance to guarantee you can visit at your preferred time.

I use GetYourGuide to book skip the line entry tickets and tours in Barcelona – some recommended tours and activities in Barcelona you need to book include:

Barcelona Festivals in March

As spring comes, it’s a chance for the city to celebrate, and there are several festivals and special events in Barcelona during March.  You can also check the Agenda on the Barcelona Turisme website which has other events including concerts listed.

Sant Medir Festival

Date: 3 March Every Year

Celebrated in the Gràcia neighbourhood, this traditional Catalan festival takes place March 3rd. It involves a colourful parade, traditional costumes, and a procession of horse-drawn carts. Participants toss sweets candies to the crowd, creating a lively and festive atmosphere and making this festival a favourite for children!

Barcelona Beer Festival:

Date: 22, 23 and 24 March 2024 at Fira de Barcelona, dates vary

One for the adults, the Barcelona Beer Festival typically features tastings, workshops, and opportunities to discover unique and diverse brews.  Beer enthusiasts can indulge in a wide selection of craft beers from local and international breweries.

Semana Santa in Barcelona – Holy Week:

Date: 24th March to 30th March 2024, dates vary every year

Easter is a moveable festival so the dates change every year between different dates in March and April.

During Semana Santa, or Holy Week, Barcelona observes this significant religious occasion with a mix of traditional and cultural events. While the city’s celebration may not be as intense or elaborate as in some other Spanish regions like Seville, there are still distinct elements that mark this period.

Religious processions play a role in Barcelona’s Semana Santa, with participants wearing traditional robes parading through the streets. These processions typically involve the carrying of religious statues and symbols.

Church services are a central part of Holy Week in Barcelona. Many churches host special Masses, processions, and reenactments of the Stations of the Cross, providing worshippers with opportunities for reflection and religious observance.

In addition to the religious aspects, Barcelona often incorporates cultural events into its Semana Santa celebrations. This can include concerts, art exhibitions, and other activities that showcase the city’s diverse cultural heritage. Specific neighbourhoods may have unique events or processions that are characteristic of the community.

Good Friday Procession on La Rambla during Semana Santa
Good Friday Procession on La Rambla during Semana Santa

The Best Things to Do in Barcelona in March

March is a great time to explore Barcelona and make the most of the top attractions in Barcelona without the summer crowds.  Bear in mind that during Easter week the city will be busy, but outside of that period, it will be much quieter.

Watch a Barça Football Match

If you’re lucky you can get tickets you can see Barça in action at one of their home matches, which take place every other weekend during the football season, including March.  While Camp Nou is undergoing renovations, home matches take place at Lluís Companys Olympic Stadium.

It can get cold on the stands so wrap up warm!  Check fixture dates and buy tickets to see a match on the official FC Barcelona website here.

If you don’t manage to watch a match, a visit to the FC Barcelona museum is one of the most popular things to do in Barcelona.  The visit includes the chance to:

  • Immerse yourself in Barça’s history and feel the field’s magic firsthand
  • Be captivated by the 360º audiovisuals at Camp Nou
  • Engage with the legends through interactive showcases
  • Get an exclusive glimpse into the future home of FC Barcelona at Espai Barça

Visit Some of Gaudí’s Works

You can’t come to Barcelona and not see some of Gaudí’s architectural marvels – even if you don’t go inside them you should at least pass by some of them as Modernist Architecture in Barcelona is absolutely stunning.

La Sagrada Familia Cathedral is Barcelona’s most famous landmark and the emblem of the city.  It is still unfinished some 140 years after construction began, and is probably the most famous building site in history!

Even just seeing this magnificent cathedral from the outside is special (get the best photos from across the pond in Plaça de Gaudí), but I’d highly recommend going inside La Sagrada Familia as this incredible place is worth the entry fee.

Visiting Barcelona in March means there should be fewer queues to contend with, but I would still recommend buying your tickets in advance to guarantee your preferred entry time.  I’d also recommend taking a guided tour as you will learn a lot more about Gaudí and his designs, and have as much time as you like after the tour to wander around and take photos.

My other personal favourite is Park Güell, originally designed to be a kind of housing estate, it is now a park with a magical mosaic dragon, fairytale gingerbread-like buildings and a mosaic terrace with fabulous views of the city.  If you can, check the weather forecast before you go as the views are best on a sunny day

You could also pay a visit to La Pedrera (Casa Mila), Casa Batlló, Casa Vicens and Palau Guell, all of which are houses designed by Gaudi, and which have indoor and outdoor areas to explore if the weather in March isn’t great.

The Passion Facade of the Sagrada Familia - Why Visit Barcelona in March
The Passion Facade of the Sagrada Familia – Why Visit Barcelona in March

Visit the Museums in Barcelona

There are some incredible museums in Barcelona that are great to visit all year round, in particular on a rainy day, when you can choose from the top Barcelona museums, including the Picasso Museum, the MNAC National Art Museum of Catalonia, The Maritime Museum and plenty more besides.

If you get to the MNAC quite late in the day you can also enjoy the experience of seeing the fountains in front of the museum at night.  The Magic Fountain show is one of the most popular things to do in Barcelona, and well worth a look.  It was out of action throughout much of 2023 due to drought conditions, so check it is up and running again before you visit.

Go Hiking in Barcelona

The Spring and Autumn months are the best times to get active in Barcelona as the weather is usually not to hot, cold or wet.  Serra de Collserola Natural Park is crisscrossed with footpaths so you could hike up there or to Tibidabo for stunning views of the city.

If you want to stretch your legs without going too far, there are plenty of opportunities to see Barcelona from above.  Park Güell has some splendid views from the terrace, as does the public park in the hills above Park Güell.

Another favourite with locals and tourists alike is the view from the Bunkers at El Carmel, what remains of civil war anti-aircraft bunkers perched on Carmel Hill.  It’s a popular Instagram spot in Barcelona and is worth the walk (or bus journey) to see it.  Montjuic is another great place to explore, with museums, Montjuic Castle and the Botanic Gardens to visit.

The View of Fabra Observatory & Villa Olimpica from Collserolla Natural Park
The View of Fabra Observatory & Villa Olimpica from Collserolla Natural Park

Indulge in Incredible Food and Drink

One of my favourite things to do in a new city is eat!  Barcelona has some delicious food to enjoy, from tapas and paella to traditional Catalan dishes like fideua and crema catalana.  As well as eating all the tapas you can find, why not take a food tour to guide you around the best places to eat in Barcelona and give you an insight into the food markets in the city?

If you like to cook, then learning how to make paella in a paella cooking class could be just what you need to practise your skills and enjoy the fruits of your labour with some wine and a group of fellow culinary explorers.

Barcelona also has some excellent bars to enjoy a vermouth or indulgent cocktails. Gracia is a great place for gin bars and fancy cocktails as you stroll around the streets and plaças.  Try El Ciclista, Bobby Gin or Elephanta for cocktails, or La Vermu and El Vinil for a vermouth and snacks.

The Gothic Quarter and El Born are also favourite areas of mine for the evening, where you can find everything from hard rock bars to kitsch and cute places with excellent cocktails.  Just wander around and you’re bound to find a cute spot!

Explore Catalonia on Day Trips from Barcelona

As I mentioned earlier, March is a fantastic time to explore more of Catalonia beyond the city limits.  Some of the most popular Barcelona day trips include Montserrat Mountain with its monastery and spectacular views and hiking opportunities, the medieval city of Girona and the seaside town of Sitges.

The Penedes wine region is within easy reach of the city too, by train or on a wine tour from Barcelona where you can taste delicious Catalan wines and cava sparkling wine.  France isn’t too far away, and the tiny country of Andorra can make a nice day trip as well.

March is probably too cold for sunbathing on the beaches of the Costa Brava, but they’re still beautiful to look at even if you can’t get a tan, and hiking or hiring a car to explore the harder-to-reach areas is well worth the effort.

The Beach at Sitges - A Great Day Trip from Barcelona in March
The Beach at Sitges – A Great Day Trip from Barcelona in March

Where to Stay in Barcelona in March

There is no bad place to stay during March in Barcelona, so I’m just sharing my favourite neighbourhoods with some recommendations for the best hotels in Barcelona to stay for your trip.


Eixample is the place to stay for wide, leafy avenues, high-end shops and some excellent restaurants and bars.  Eixample is also home to some of Gaudi’s most famous works, including Casa Batllo, La Pedrera and the Sagrada Familia.

It is a large neighbourhood, so I’ve split my recommendations into the best places to stay near La Sagrada Familia and Passeig de Gracia.

The Best Place to Stay in Eixample Near Passeig de Gracia

  • Ohla Eixample is a chic boutique hotel in the Eixample District, 10 minutes walk away from La Pedrera and Casa Batlló. It features a year-round rooftop pool with city views, a gym and a Michelin-starred restaurant serving traditional dishes from the Ebro Region.  The hotel also has a Lobby Bar and a Sky Bar.  Breakfast is included in the room rate and includes local products as well as international favourites. >>>CHECK PRICES & AVAILABILITY

The Best Place to Stay Near La Sagrada Familia

  • Sercotel Hotel Rossello is one of the only hotels in Barcelona with a view of La Sagrada Familia where you can wake up with this beautiful cathedral outside your window.  Make sure you book a superior room with a “Landmark View” as not all rooms overlook the Sagrada Familia. If you don’t manage to bag a room with a view, there is a rooftop terrace with a bar and panoramic views where you can enjoy a drink and some tapas or just gaze at the cathedral.  >>>CHECK PRICES AND AVAILABILITY 


Claire in a hotel bedroom looking out the window at a view of the Sagrada Familia - the Sercotel Rossello
A Hotel Room with a View of La Sagrada Familia at the Sercotel Rossello

The Gothic Quarter & El Born

The Old City of Barcelona is my favourite area to wander around and explore, and the neighbouring districts of El Born and El Gotic are both stunning.  They are easy to explore on foot, and you are close to many of the city’s top attractions such as La Rambla, the Gothic Cathedral, El Palau de la Música Catalana and the Picasso Museum.

While they can be extremely busy in summer, March should be relatively quiet so you can enjoy the pretty streets and hidden squares without the usual crowds.

The Best Places to Stay in the Gothic Quarter

  • The H10 Madison hotel has stunning views of the Gothic Cathedral from the rooftop terrace which also has a swimming pool.  The hotel is in a restored early 20th-century building with elegant architecture and high ceilings, and gets rave reviews for the friendly staff and excellent location.  Book a Classic Catedral Room to get views of the Cathedral from your window. >>>CHECK PRICES & AVAILABILITY
  • The 5* Mercer Hotel has modern chic décor which blends beautifully with original beamed ceilings and exposed brick walls.  There is an interior courtyard where you can have breakfast beneath orange trees, and a rooftop pool and terrace with a bar.  Guests love the helpful staff, comfortable beds and the location. >>>CHECK PRICES & AVAILABILITY


The Best Places to Stay in El Born

  • chic&basic Habana Hoose is a great value hotel close to the Santa Maria del Mar Cathedral in El Born.  It has funky décor which blends Scottish and Cuban influences, which sounds weird but it works!  All rooms have air-con and private bathrooms, there is breakfast available in the morning and a restaurant serving Catalan and Italian cuisine.  >>>CHECK PRICES & AVAILABILITY
  • K+K Hotel Picasso El Born is on Passeig Picasso, opposite Ciutadella Park, and has stylish rooms with contemporary décor and air-conditioning, some of which have balconies and views of the city and park.  There is a rooftop terrace with a swimming pool, a café, and a lobby bar that customises unique cocktails as well as a restaurant on site.  >>>CHECK PRICES & AVAILABILITY


Final Thoughts on Visiting Barcelona in March

I hope this has convinced you to travel to Barcelona in March, and while it might not be beach weather there are still plenty of things to keep you busy.  Do you have more suggestions for awesome things to do in Marchi in Barcelona?  I’d love to hear them, so please leave a comment below and share more of the wonderful March Barcelona activities you could do!

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